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Top 100 'American Idol' Hits of All Time

Биллборд опубликовал очередной "смотр" Топ-100 песен от выходцев с АИ. Филлип засветился дважды с двумя первыми синглами.

6 "Home" - Phillip Phillips
Hot 100 Peak: No. 6 (2013)
Drew Pearson and Greg Holden had never met when their publishers arranged a one-day songwriting session. Pearson recalls, "He walked in my studio and we shook hands, talked for a few minutes and then sat down and wrote 'Home.’ I don't know if I ever told him, but after he sang the demo I secretly wanted Greg to take the song. He said in the session that he felt like the song was something he could sing. Then a few months later he sent me a video of him performing the song live, but that was as far as it got." Pearson’s publisher, Pulse Recording, sent "Home" to Jimmy Iovine at Interscope and that’s how it became Phillips’ finale song. To date, "Home" has topped 10 different Billboard charts, including Hot Digital Songs, Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40 and Rock Digital Songs. It is the highest-ranked coronation song on the Idol 100. "Having a song in Billboard has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, so I had to keep pinching myself over the last year," says Pearson. "It’s been really exciting to see the song connect with so many people."

39 "Gone, Gone, Gone" – Phillip Phillips
Hot 100 Peak: No. 24 (2013)
A wise choice for the follow-up to "Home," the second single from Phillips’ album "The World from the Side of the Moon" topped eight Billboard charts, including Adult Contemporary and Triple A. The track was used on season 12 of "American Idol" as the goodbye song for departing contestants and is included in two film soundtracks: "Delivery Man" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."


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Phillip Phillips to Perform at Super Bowl XLVIII Pregame Show & NFL

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Phillip Phillips & The Band Perry to Perform at Super Bowl XLVIII Pregame Show & NFL on FOX

«PHILLIP PHILLIPS and THE BAND PERRY will perform as part of the Super Bowl XLVIII pregame show in East Rutherford, NJ on Sunday, February 2, the NFL and FOX announced today. The two acts will perform at the NFL Tailgate Party and part of each performance will be televised live on FOX SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.

In addition, Broadway will travel to New Jersey when the cast of the Tony and Grammy Award winning musical JERSEY BOYS and the cast of the electrifying musical ROCK OF AGES perform at the NFL Tailgate Party.

One of the biggest singles of 2012, the quadruple-platinum “Home” announced Phillip Phillips as a singer/guitarist of both rare authenticity and massive pop appeal. Centering on the American Idol season 11 winner’s rich, raspy vocals and masterful guitar skills, “Home” served as the lead single from The World from the Side of the Moon (19 Entertainment/Interscope Records)—a platinum-selling album that shot to #4 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart upon its November 2012 release. Phillips’s widely acclaimed debut also features the platinum single “Gone, Gone, Gone” and the Phillips’ penned “Where We Came From,” as well as a host of numbers that flaunt the 23-year-old Georgia native’s songwriting chops. Phillips spent most of 2013 on the road – with Matchbox 20, headlining a college tour and most recently he brought his rootsy brand of rock-and-roll to arenas around the country as the opening act for singer/songwriter superstar John Mayer’s Born and Raised tour. Phillips is currently in the studio recording his next album and will debut a new song during his NFL Tailgate Party performance. www.phillipphillips.com»

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Top-Earning American Idols 2013

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«Carrie Underwood has come quite far since winning American Idol in 2005—and it’s safe to say the show has made good on its titular promise.

Underwood tops this year’s list of the highest-paid Idol alums, pulling in $31 million thanks to platinum-selling Blown Away, extensive touring and endorsement deals with the likes of Olay. Not only is that more than any Idol contestant, but it exceeds the annual earnings of last year’s judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.

All in all, Underwood has earned $83 million over the past five years, and she’s one of many acts continuing to profit from her exposure on the show. Kelly Clarkson ranks second with $7 million, banking the bulk of her bucks on the road. She’s followed by 2012 winner Phillip Phillips and 2009 runner-up Adam Lambert, who are tied for third with $5 million apiece.»



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'American Idol' on the Charts: Alums End 2013 on High Notes

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Winners Phillip Phillips, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery and Fantasia appear on multiple year-end charts. Also: Christmas has passed, but Idol songs are still visiting the holiday tallies.

CHARTING THE YEAR: Before we turn our attention to the first Idol chart achievements of 2014, it’s time to look back at 2013 and see how the series’ alumnae fared on Billboard’s year-end charts.

Six contestants made multiple appearances on the over 250 charts that Billboard compiled to summarize the year. The Idol who had the highest rankings across the board was Phillip Phillips, who made an impact with the singles “Home” (left over from 2012) and “Gone, Gone, Gone” and the album The World from the Side of the Moon. Phillips is the No. 2 Rock Digital Songs Artist of 2013, right behind Imagine Dragons. He is the No. 4 Top Rock Artist. On the overall Top Artists recap he is No. 26 and on Top New Artists he comes in at No. 5. On Hot 100 Male Artists he ranks No. 7 and on Top Billboard 200 Artists, he is No. 18, while coming in at No. 10 on Top Billboard 200 Male Artists. On Hot Digital Songs Artists, he is No. 15 and on Adult Contemporary Artists, he is listed at an impressive No. 3, the same ranking he achieves on Triple A Artists.

Phillips’ first single, “Home,” debuted in June 2012, but continued to chart all through 2013, which accounts for its placings on the latest year-end summaries. It is the No. 46 song of the year on the Hot 100 recap and No. 34 on Hot 100 Airplay Songs. On Adult Contemporary Songs it is No. 4 for the year and on Hot Digital Songs it is No. 30. It is No. 18 on Triple A Songs, just two rungs lower than the follow-up, “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

“Gone” is No. 4 on Adult Top 40 Songs, No. 9 on Adult Contemporary, No. 61 on Hot 100 Songs and No. 49 on Hot 100 Airplay Songs.

The World from the Side of the Moonis the highest-ranking album by an Idol on the recap of the Billboard 200, coming in at No. 14. It is No. 21 on Top Digital Albums and a lofty No. 4 on Top Rock Albums.


LONGEVITY: Phillip Phillips has truly found a home on the Rock Digital Songs chart. His first single, “Home,” leaps 41-30 in its 84th week. The song is a former No. 1. The follow-up, “Gone, Gone, Gone,” peaked at No. 3 and this week rebounds 29-20 in its 52nd frame. That means “Gone” will begin its second week on the chart next week. We should note that “Home” is just 21 weeks away from starting its third year on this tally.


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Интервью, приуроченое к годовщине выпуска The World From This Side of the Moon. Как обычно, болтовня о маминой еде, о Ханне, Джоне Майёре и о том, как Филлип был напуган толпой в Рио.
American Idol's Phillip Phillips Spills the Secrets of Touring With John Mayer
Кроме шуток, он неоднократно говорил, что до сих пор боится сцены и выступлений перед большой аудиторией.
И интересное замечание: перечисляя победителей АИ, с которыми он встречался, Филлип говорит о Кэрри, которую видел раз ещё до победы, и о Скотти. Видимо он не догадывается, что Девид Кук, с которым он обедал перед финалом, на самом деле это шоу выиграл. Прикольно.
О том, довелось ли кому-то из ребят пообщаться с Джордин, Тейлором или Крисом, что тоже присутствовали во время сезона, мне неизвестно.

Увы, награду AMA Филлип не получи, но запоздало даю ссылку на статью к этой церемонии приуроченную.
15 Reasons to love AMA new artist nominee Phillip Phillips
Тут упоминаются несколько фактов, которые я ранее вроде как слышал, но напечатанными не видел ни разу. Надеюсь, автор статью не по слухам из сети состряпал.

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Большая статья о предстоящей церимонии Грэмми и рассмотрение кандидатур возможных номинантов (не более того). В том числе немного о Филлипа (категория Best New Artist).

Phillips’ “Home” is the best-selling song by any contestant in American Idol history. But after all this time, only one Idol contestant (Carrie Underwood) has been nominated in this category. (I’ve always had the sense that the Grammys don’t want to be seen as simply rubber-stamping Idol’s choices.) Since Idol’s TV ratings are trending down, this would be an odd time for the Grammys to change their ways. Is Phillips strong enough to overcome the dynamics that are working against him?


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I Am a White Guy, and I Do Play Guitar